Sunday, December 16, 2007


The Prairie Schooner” was “An Occasional Log of United States Naval Training School Operating at North Dakota State School of Science, Wahpeton”. It was mailed home to “B-town” with a circle around the paragraph that mentioned Valencheck’s name.

In Volume one, number 24 dated 15 May 1943 it is reported that, “Cooper’s Band Jives for Formal Dance in Gym.”

Our newest company, the 13th, was welcomed aboard at a formal dance held in the gym on Wednesday, May 5. The local gals donned their finest long dresses to come out and jump with this newest group of hep-cats (and some of the old ones).

Bunky Cooper’s band of collegiate musicians from Moorhead State Teacher’s College furnished the jive, and jive it was because they left their music in Moorhead and had to jam most of the pieces to cover the parts they forgot. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that little secret because most of the rug-cutting jitterbugs didn’t seem to know the difference.

Lt. Comdr. Fender and nearly all the other officers attached to the school were present with their wives to help make this a gala occasion. The dance was sponsored by the local USO with the smiling “Mrs. K” right there to greet her boys. Each departing company pays tribute to the fine work she is doing in making their liberty periods more enjoyable. Dances like this are just another contribution of the USO toward the welfare of the armed forces.


Big Sailor (Paul): “Thay myster, than you tell me the time?
Little Sailor (Carter): (No response.)
Big Sailor: “Thay, I asked you the tyme.”
Little Sailor: (Still no response.)
So as Big Sailor walked away a bystander asked Little Sailor why he hadn’t answered, his reply being – “Thhink I wanted a punth in the moth?”

Joe Yardbird answered the phone in his Norfolk apartment, He said: “I don’t know. Call the weather bureau,” and hung up.
“Who was that?” asked his wife.
“Some sailor, I guess. He wanted to know if the coast was clear.”


It has been noted lately that “Chief Chef” Holtz can cook something other than ham or beef.

That little bird who gives out with the correct dope has it that Gil Landis and Simonton are going to take the long trek on the same day come June: Why not make it the same church and have a race down the aisle?

We’re going to miss the Cook and Baker Strikers in the chow hall. So long mates, keep Tex out of trouble and don’t let Ossie get another “heinie.”


The boys from Section “P” and some of the boys from Section “O” wish to thank all those who made it possible for us to have the new head up in the penthouse of Barracks 1. It’s very convenient for all.

We don’t want to seem unreasonable but the tables that were “extracted” from the recreation hall are getting worn pretty well and we would appreciate a few “new” ones. How about it? Very subtle aren’t we?

Well, the boys of Section “P” are getting along fine and are saying that North Dakota has California beat completely for screwy weather except Seaman Volk who is a native “farmer” of N. Dak.

Everyone was certainly surprised to hear that Coastguardsman Valencheck is attending church supper at Wahpeton next Sunday. I wonder what the attraction could be? Maybe a little something called “Corky.”

Congratulations, Mr. Whitehouse and Mr. Davis, on your promotions as we feel that you both deserve them.

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