Tuesday, May 27, 2008


September 4, 1944 Dear (Bill),

Recieved your letter and was very happy to hear you're getting a leave soon. I'll have my eye open for you so don't disappoint me.
(page 2 - right hand side) You asked for my number - it's Ta 5636. Did you get any thing for me on your last trip? A yo-yo? Honest Check, that's me picture, I wouldn't kid you. Here I am in soem more poses. This one was telen when I was begging for hamburgers.

(page 3 - left hand side) I'll try and be good till I see you. Maybe get another fella to come up with you and then maby Annie could come too, huh? Then Joe would only be absent.

Till I see you then - take care of yourself - have a couple hamburgers on me O.K.? Send me the bill.



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