Friday, February 1, 2008


TO: Wm. Valencheck
c/o Fleet Post Office
N.Y., N.Y.
U.S.S. Pride (DE 323)

FROM: Sgt. Stan Valencheck
Hdq. 6 11th Tank Bn.
10th A.D. A.P.O. 260
Camp Gordon, GA

Hi “Mate”:

You got me waiting Chuck. What’s up, they got you in jail again or what? If you’ve been out Bill, give ‘em lots a hell for me and you both. I only wish I was there with you. Lots a luck fella.

Well, I’m still here at Gordon Bill and things are going same as usual. Taking things easy lately. Playing quite a bit of ball lately but not running around much due to lack of funds. I don’t know why but for some reason about the last three months I’ve always been broke. Before that I had money all the time. But I’ll straighten that (*) out this pay day. Ain’t it?

I just got a letter from “Oh”, you know, one of those long, long ones. Is that the kind you get? I sure enjoy reading them but I don’t know how the hell they can think of so much to write. Makes me and you look sad, aint it? "Oh" said that they haven’t heard from you in a long time either. Bet Mom worries like hell. You know how she is. I got a swell package from Nell too. Remember how we used to argue with them? Especially you! Now I miss them, don’t you? I even miss you, you (*). Aint it?

One of my buddies was telling me today that they’re now selling old G. I. Motorcycles from 30 to 50 bucks. We don’t have them in our division anymore so they’re selling them. The M.P.’s are the only ones that have them now. If I get a chance I’m gonna get one. Some of them are still in pretty good shape. I used to ride the (*) out of them before. If I get one I’ll take it home and on furlough with me. Make good time that way. I’m not sure yet but I think I’ll get a leave next month. Or in May. I’ll let you know for sure. Hope you can get home at the same time. Think there’s any chance?

Boy the weather down here has really been swell for the past four weeks or so. Up until Sunday anyhow. The sun’s still out. The company went out into the field Mon, but I got a break. I’m staying in garrison as Sgt. of the Guard till they get back which will be about Weds. Boy, we sure spend a lot a time in the field since we've been here at Gordon. We were out for three days last weeks on a big problem. Our platoon fired real H.E. and smoke ammunition over attacking troops. It’s pretty much fun firing the mortar. You ever seen it fired? In the past two weeks I fired 14 rds. of smoke and 10 rds. of H.E. at about 18 bucks a piece. Boy I wish I had all that money.

Well Chuck, guess I’ll be saying so long for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Take it easy.

Your brother,


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