Friday, February 15, 2008


Perhaps this letter was in with the mail also.

Niles California
January 24, 1944

Dear Bill,

Recieved your card asking me for Laurence Moise address. Sorry that I couldn't sent it to you sooner but the reason was that I didn't have it until now. We hadn't heard from him for quite a while but thank God we finally did. He wrote to me asking me to send him the picture of his four pals from North Dakota so I sent him the picture of you four boys. I almost know you boys by the way Lawrence used to talk about you.

It does a mother good to know that her son has met some nice boys and that they think so much of one another. So Bill write to him as often as you can as I know he will appreciate it. Of course Lawrence is awful to write himself. I sure have a time getting letters from him but still he isn't bad. I thought he would be worse but as long as I get a letter every so often that's enough for me. I just hope he is well and happy as I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and if ever you should be out this way I hope you will come to see us. You know you are always welcomed.

So Bill I wish you the best of luck and I pray and hope that this war will soon be over so all of our dear boys will come home to us so I will give you his address.

(The address is listed)

P.S. When you write to him tell him that I wrote you. He will be gald to hear it again. Thanks for you card.


Mrs. Mario Moise

Niles Calif.

P.O. Box 223


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