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William Valencheck Fl/c
U.S.S. Pride D.E. 323
Fleet Post Office
New York, New York

Olga Valencheck
393 Third Street
Barberton, Ohio

March 26, 1944

Sailing along with . . .the home folks . . . .

Hi, Squirt!

Boy, what a bawling out you got from me this morning! You had come home some time in the night and our surprise at seeing you in the morning was replaces by our wrath at finding that you had been INDIANA the past three month that we haven’t heard a WORD from you! But it was all a dream!

I told this dream to the family at the dinner table today and both Dad and Nelle admitted that they, too, had dreamed about you the past two days. So all of that is an indication that you’ll be walking in on us one of these days. It’s just gotta be! When we all start dreaming about a certain thing, its got to be . . .

This is going to be just a short not but I must have to tell you about the shock we’ve just had. The war has come pretty close to us since you boys are in it but now we learn that Stan’s buddy and your friend, Elmer Simon, is one of the boys missing from the D. E. “Leopold” reported destroyed by an underwater explosion on March 10. I can’t get over it. I just won’t believe that Elmer won’t come back. The news just came out in yesterday’s paper and I’ve been wanting to call his mother but I don’t know what to say to her. She seems so nice from the one telephone conversation I had with her some time ago. I keep praying that Elmer will turn up.

Alice Zalar just got back from San Francisco where she has been for the past month and she is now calling herself Mrs. Jack Matozel. We didn’t think she’d marry while there!

Last Sunday was a wonderful onw for our whole family was home. The Zods came in from Cleveland very late I the afternoon and in that big snow fall. They brought Vic and Frankie who is home form the Merchant Marine for the first time in over 18 months. It was so good to see him. He still doesn’t wear his uniform when home. Odd? There were two of their cousins with them so we had quite a house full of men! Besides my blind date who showed up after he STOOD ME UP two days before! You know I don’t go in for blind dates (and don’t you look at me with that “Oh Yeah” expression!) but this one was a Sgt. Home on furlough and it was all arranged by a nice couple I know so what’s a gal to do???

We kind o’ though the Cleve, family would be here again today but no sign of ‘em yet. Frankie said he’d like to come again before going back. He’s supposed to have till the end of this month.

Today is a beautiful day if you don’t look down. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping all over the place but there is still some snow on the ground form last night’s light snowfall.

All is peace and quiet here at home right at the moment. It is the lull after dinner. Remember?

Soon I’ll be getting ready to go to the Club where we will meet Anne and Glen who are home for the weekend. We’ll probably bowl and spend a good bit of time at the club.

I saw Don down town I the window of the Pool Hall last Tuesday but didn’t get to talk with him. You’d swear he is a civilian he gets home so much! I talked with him quite a bit the other time he was home but didn’t get his address as he was to dome over for yours and Stan’s and I was going to let his. But he didn’t show up.

This is enough for now . . . By the way, did you get latest package from home. Nelle’s?

The family all sends their love.


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