Saturday, March 22, 2008


The Pride, together with the Menges (DE 320), the Mosley (DE 321), Newell (DE 322), Falgout (DE 324) and Lowe (DE 325) composed Coast Guard DE division 46. Joined with Navy Division 21 of six ships they formed Task Group 66 led by the cutter Taney. This was the escort for convoy UGS-38 that departed from the United States and headed for the Straight of Gibraltar, arriving on April 18th, 1944. Just West of Algiers the escort was strengthened by 4 vessels equipped with radio jamming equipment: U.S. Destroyer Lansdale, U.S. Minesweepers Speed and Sustain, and Netherlands Flak cruiser Heemskerk.

(from C. R. Peck)
Headge Hoges was written on the back of the picture above.


knuckledragger said...

The pictured device is a "hedgehog", an anti-submarine warfare weapon of the day. :>)

Fr. V said...

Thank you! I was wondering.