Thursday, March 6, 2008


William Valencheck

George Radlick USCG
USNAS Lambert Field
St. Louis MO, (21)


Hello Bill,

Answering your letter the very day I got it. That’s pretty good. Huh?

Well, I guess I can call you a sailor now can’t I? Got the salt caked all over your body yet, or did you have that before you went to sea?

It must really be wonderful to say you’ve been to Casablanca. I have aspirations of getting out of this racket (?) some day and do some sailing. Well Bill, let me tell you what I’m doing.

I’m stationed at a naval air station in St. Louis MO. Remember when I left Tonawanda to go to that day school? Well we trained dogs for guard duty and all we do down here is stand guard duty with dogs. All this duty is night work. We work two days and off one. It’s a pretty good deal but I’d like to get out of it if I could but the trouble is a fellow can’t get out of this duty no how. Remember Philyrs from Tonawanda? The guy you always used to call Gary? He’s down here with me too he says hello.

I just got a letter from Maise’s sister. She still writes to me. I also got a letter form Maise. The (*) lost thirty pounds! Penny still writes to me. She’s going to come to Chicago on a vacation sometime in April. I may go up and see her. (. . .)

Gee Bill, I wish now I would not have gone to that dog school. Just think, I could be working right along with you, and maybe have a rate pay now.

Maybe we’ll meet before this thing is over yet and we don’t, don’t forget about our date after this is over.

Guess I’ll be closing for now. Say hello to Mitch for me. Good luck and write soon.

Your pal,

George Radlick

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George said...


I am the son of George Radlick and was surprised to come across the posting of this letter on the web.

My dad died in October of 2005 and reading his letter brought back wonderful memories.

If there is a way I can obtain this letter, it would be greatly appreciated by myself and the entire family. Thank You!