Monday, March 17, 2008


March 24, 1944

Dear Will,

I was certainly glad to hear from you. I will hope you are in good health at the moment. You know, there is nothing like being physically fit. I suppose you didn’t get seasick on your trip, or did you? Well, hope not.

From what you wrote, I presume you don’t like the Coast Guard. There are others who are doing the same thing everyday too, for instance, the Army, Navy and Marines and especially me. I’m still working at the same place. All I do is eat, sleep, and work. I stayed home today though cause I hurt my ear in work yesterday. I have awful ringing in my ear. Since I stayed at home today there was a good chance to answer my mail.

Will, I know about Don being married. His sister is married too. I guess John’s doing all right. I see him every once in a while when I’m on my way to work. Right now I have a rider. I don’t have to ride the street car anymore.

Do you still mess around like you used to when you were with John on your last leave? I bet you do.

About Mary S., well I wouldn’t put anything past her, she’s liable to anything. But I wish she’d make up her mind about Jack.

Will, I saw your sisters Sunday afternoon. I didn’t stop to speak to them cause I was in a hurry. I think they were headed for Toni’s house because I met them on 15th and Tusc. I was going over to see my dead cousin. Do you know who J. R. Weber, the funeral director on Wooster Road was? He died the 15th.

I’m looking forward to your next leave just as I’m sure I’d like to see you again. I hope this letter reaches you before your next trip.

Loads of Luck
As Ever,
(over)I saw Len not very long ago. He didn’t see me though. He’s married now too.

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